Eneos 15w40 Premium Mineral CI-4

  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel cars
  • Premium blended Motor Oil
  • compatible for all cars
  • Drain Level: 8000 km

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ENEOS products are the highest quality lubricants available in the marketplace today. These high-performance products use advanced additive and base oil technology, the result of joint engineering and research with all of the Japanese automotive manufacturers.?ENEOS products offer optimal performance protection under the most extreme temperature variations while providing superior fuel-saving capabilities. They offer an upgrade from conventional oil and satisfy drivers who seek improved fuel economy. They are also formulated using advanced detergent-dispersant, antioxidant, anti-wear, friction modifier, and defoaming additives for better wear protection.


  • Low evaporation reducing oil usageBlended with high-viscosity index based engine oil, which results in low evaporation loss and requires less oil top-up.
  • Environmentally-friendlyReduce the amount of Soluble Organic Fraction (SOF) in the exhaust, resulting in less hazardous particulate matter and cleaner air.
  • Longer oil and engine lifeENEOS CI-4 15W-40 uses optimized additives which have significantly improved thermal stability, oxidative stability, soot dispersion, outstanding anti-wear, and detergent-dispersant performance, resulting in longer oil and engine life.

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